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WLSM 0624 AU
WLSM 0624 AU
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Empowering Middle Managers:
Elevate Strategy, Foster Collaboration,
and Drive Organisational Success

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4-5 JUNE



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26-27 JUNE

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Sally Foley-Lewis
Sally Foley-Lewis
Middle Manager Leadership and Professional Development Expert

In today’s dynamic business landscape, middle managers serve as the vital link between strategic vision and operational execution. They possess a unique ability to translate high-level strategies into actionable plans, driving organisational success from the ground up. Yet, navigating this pivotal role within an organisation comes with its own unique challenges. Middle managers need to perform a constant juggling act, balancing priorities, effectively managing relationships up and down the hierarchy, navigating organisational change, delegating tasks, handling communication complexities, and finding the time to develop their own leadership skills amidst supporting their team's growth. 

Our two-day intensive workshop is designed to equip you with the tools, skills, and confidence to overcome these challenges and excel in your leadership journey. By focusing on self-leadership, confidence building, leadership skills tailored for women, productivity enhancement, delegation mastery, and advanced communication techniques, this workshop will empower you to become a more effective leader, ready to drive real impact in your organisation.


  • Ignite Your Self-Leadership: Boost your self-awareness and develop a growth mindset that propels you towards personal and professional excellence.

  • Conquer Imposter Syndrome: Learn strategies to amplify your confidence, own your achievements, and eliminate self-doubt.

  • Acquire Tailored Leadership Skills: Gain insights into overcoming middle management challenges with leadership techniques designed for aspiring and established female leaders.

  • Enhance Focus & Productivity: Implement day-to-day skills to improve focus, productivity, and engagement, leading to higher work satisfaction and success.

  • Master Crucial Conversations: Excel in delegation, performance dialogues, problem-solving, and decision-making for enhanced team performance and career progression.

  • Elevate Communication: Develop your ability to build stronger relationships, reduce workplace silos, and effectively influence across all levels of the organisation.

  • Celebrate Your Voice: Embrace and project your voice, visibility, and value as a strategic business partner with executive presence and credibility.


"This program was inspirational and engaging.
Sally Foley-Lewis did an exceptional job facilitating
each session with a variety of activities and open
discussion. I must say this was truly a safe place to
learn and grow. I also really enjoyed meeting and
learning from lots of different people at different
stages in their careers."

– Manager Procurement and Supply,
GroundProbe Proprietary Limited

"The content was personalised, extremely well informed. It is evident that Sally has learned
experience in leadership. Her delivery of the content
was articulate and impactful. I also felt the design of the event led to authentic participation and
camaraderie. I will value it for a long time"

– Medical Director of Palliative Care, Calvary Mater Newcastle

"Sally was a fantastic facilitator for the course. It was also great to have
women from such a wide range of industries share their insights and
challenges. It provided great learning
for us all.’’

– Manager Sustainability, Queensland Health


"What a fantastic workshop! I learnt so much about myself and areas for improvement. Sally's delivery was exceptional and I enjoyed the opportunity to spend time and learn from others during the workshop, encompassing a range of professional roles. Highly recommend."

– Coordinator
Planning Assessment,

Moreton Bay Regional Council 

“Sally is very inspiring
and was able to
address any question
thrown her way.’’

– Chief People Officer,
Multicap Limited

"Sally was an outstanding facilitator
and strikes a good balance of content,
conversations and activities.’’

– Director,
Arrilla Indigenous Consulting





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